1. We are going to be friends. I will learn a bit about you and your life at home. You will enter my house and get to know me. Sometimes I will see you dressed up to go to that special event. Often, we will chat about where to go and what to do. I enjoy hearing about your adventures. Folks arrive as guests and leave as friends.
  2. I can’t predict what food or drink you prefer, and just because one person has a food allergy, their partner may not. Everyone is different.
  3. You might want to get up early, or you may sleep well past noon. Everyone enjoys having the freedom and flexibility to eat breakfast whenever they want to.
  4. An uncut cake might intimidate you, so I cut out the first slice in advance.
  5. This was unexpected: I don’t fully rest at night until I hear you come home. Like a Momma bird, I wait for you to return to the nest safe and sound.
  6. I think of you and wonder how you are. You have touched my life, and I wish the best for you.